Canaima / Angel Falls

The Canaima National Park and Angel Falls, Venezuela is located in the southeast of Venezuela in Bolivar State along the border with Brazil. The nearest city is Ciudad Bolivar some 600 km to the north.

Canaima includes the uplands of the Gran Sabana and the eastern table mountains (tepuis) of the Roraima Range, as well as the sandstone plateau of Chimantá and Auyán-tepui and the north-western Canaima lowlands. It comprises Precambrian rocks which have been subjected to 600 million years of erosion to form a spectacular landscape. There are three disjunct physiographic units: undulating lowlands between 350 and 650m; the flat plateau of the Gran Sabana (800-1500m); and the tepui summits (2000-2700m). The summits reach 1000-2000m above the surrounding plateau and their surfaces are often scarred by gullies, canyons and sinkholes of several hundred metres depth. Water drains from the flat summits forming hundreds of waterfalls. The Río Caroní, with its many tributaries arising within the park, supplies the Guri dam which provides electricity to large areas of the country. There are many waterfalls in the park including Angel Falls, the world's tallest at 1002m 
(Government of Venezuela, 1993),


 Tourism is encouraged but restricted to designated areas such as Laguna de Canaima in the western sector of the park which can only be reached by air and where a limited number of concessionaries provide visitors with board, lodging and recreational services. A main road from Ciudad Bolívar runs along the eastern border of the park through the Gran Sabana, bisecting its south-east corner. There are no other roads within the park, the western section being accessible only by air.


Angel Falls

Sapo Falls


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