September 27, 2001

Here’s my feedback on the hotels by the airport in Catia la Mar.
The Best Western in Catia la Mar is a rip off.
Right next to the hotel is a canal of raw sewage that runs into the dark brown ocean and smells so bad and was full of birds eating dead dogs.
The rooms are very nice, but not worth the price for an overnight stop.

I would say the Hotel La Parada is much better and the people are very protective and they have a restaurant and free coffee in the morning.
They also proved a ride to the airport for 8,000 Bs.

Michael, USA

December 27, 2001

Hi, We want to thank you for your helpfulness, special kudos to Ginni (Trudel's Garden). 
Hotel La Parada
was nice, clean and the people were very helpful and careful of us as you said.  The cabbies ripped us off, but such is life as a tourist!  We enjoyed our stay! 

Deborah, NY, USA

February 14, 2002

Webmasters note: We received a detailed e-mail from one of our clients, Woody - USA,  about problems they received at La Parada on a Sunday night. The problem related to being overcharged for a room. We called the owner who advised us that there was a non regular person on the desk that night and that he would take steps to correct the problem. Our experience with this hotel from other guests has been positive however if any one else has any other comments they would be appreciated.

March 28, 2002

How can  you publish on your site that the Best Western Puerto Viejo is a  "5 Star" Hotel.  That's about as far from the truth as can be possible. I would never stay at that hotel again.  Just getting to the hotel is scary enough and the hotel leaves a lot to be desired.

Patty, Venezuela

Sept. 17, 2003

FYI, I stayed at the Hotel La Parada while traveling through the Caracas Airport and thought it was a great place for the price (45,000 Bs for two of us). They had someone with a sign for us at the airport to take us to the hotel for 10,000 Bs. They have a nice restaurant in the hotel and there is a bakery/cafe just down the street that does breakfast. I spoke to the manager and they no longer have the Hotmail email account listed in your web site. They just have the phone and fax. I had to phone to make reservations. It was helpful that I speak Spanish, since they didn't speak English at the hotel.

Jim P.

Oct.14, 2004

I also spent a night at the Hotel La Parada. It is secure/safe. The proprietor is from Spain. The food is very good in the restaurant. It is very close to the airport and they will transport you to and from the airport. Its also quite affordable - twenty five dollars per night I think for one person. I would not recomend going out into the neighbourhood at night unless you knew where you were going and went by cab. Also the Hotel is spotless and clean with great hot water, showers and air conditioning.

Ken, Illinois

October, 2007

Thanks for the information contained on your website.
It was very helpful on our recent trip to Margarita

We stayed at one of the hotels listed, Hotel Tanausu.
We were charged 110.000 BS for two people, which came
to about $31 after the exchange rates we were able to
get. The room was comfortable and had Direct TV with
about 60 channels. The downside was that our shower
did not work. Our room overlooked the ocean and had a
nice view. The little restaurant at the hotel was
very good - a lot of food for a reasonable price.

We were warned by our taxi driver not to leave the
hotel as the neighborhood around it was not safe, but
the hotel itself was not very secure.

Thanks for the information on your website!

Dave, USA 

January, 2009

Hello we are a family of 5 from maryland now living on margarita, and we just stayed at the ole caribe on jan 2nd 2009, This hotel is very nice and the staff was friendly. our only beef was 350bs of extra charges that we were not informed of first, i guess people here just dont question anything. They said a shuttle would pick us up, the shuttle ended up being 120bs round trip, we enjoyed a ok breakfast buffet, but then found out when we checked out that the shuttle and the breakfast was not included. We were misinformed on this, and surprised when we checked out, so we argued a little. the buffet was 40bs each and the same price for a 2 year old. The hotel is a bit expensive at 715bs for 2 beds or 515 for 1 bed, then you add a 350b surprise at the end and it was not worth it. We have been to the eurobuilding it is much better, closer, prices are about the same but no misleading things and they have a great free breakfast buffet.

guacuco ve
Russell and family

January 2009

I stayed at the Tanausu hotel on two occasions.

First Stay: I arrived at 2:00 AM on the 12th of Dec’08. Checked out at 9:00 AM. For this, I was charged 180 BsF., also, I was charged 100 BsF. for the taxi from the Airport to this Hotel. Due to me only speaking English, I was not able to get a receipt or argue the cost.

Second Stay: I arrived at 2:00pm on the 20th Jan’09 and checked out at 10:00 PM on the 21st. On the 20th, I was charged 190 BsF. for the full day, because I checked out at 10:00 PM on the 21st, I was charged 110 BsF. This time, I stood at the front desk until I received a receipt for each day. I was charged 50 BsF. for each of my trips from and to the airport for a total of 100 BsF.

On the first stay, I was observed/told and it was also confirmed by the taxi driver that 4 prostitutes use this hotel as home in addition to place of business. On the second stay, observed 2 on their way out onto the streets.

When I arrived on the 20th,(2pm) there was a vehicle parked across the street that had it’s stereo turned up to a volume that in my room towards the back of the Hotel, I was able to feel the vibrations not only in my own body, but in the walls and furniture in the room. This lasted until well after midnight. There was a group of people around this vehicle, drinking, and talking/yelling over the so-called rap music.

I can not recommend this hotel, except to be used in emergency situations only.
Dan J.
Calgary, AB. Canada.

We would really appreciate anybody else who has passed 
through one of these hotels to add to this list.

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