Playa Manzanillo                                                          Playa Guayacan

Isla Margarita (Margarita Island) Venezuela is a mountainous tropical Caribbean
island paradise located off the north shore of Venezuela.
Margarita is blessed with an average of over 330 days a year of sun,
beautiful tropical beaches lined with palm trees like
Playa el Agua or Playa Parguito and a temperature that is never too hot or too cold. has information on
Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts (Posadas), Vacation Houses, Apartments
Margarita Island tours (jeep, swimming with Dolphins, Isla Coche,
Los Roques, Canaima, etc.) 
Car Rentals & information,
Activities (such as scuba diving or snorkeling,
horseback riding, fishing, sailing, etc.)
Properties, Businesses, Bed & Breakfast, Posada for Sale in Isla Margarita.

"Venezuela's Isla de Margarita has plenty of beauty and beaches - and just a bit of an edge.
Discover the Caribbean isle that moves to a South American beat."

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The Top 10 Up and Coming Destinations

Snorkeling, Los Frailes                                          Cochino in Boqueron

Margarita, Venezuela

"Known for its reputation as a island getaway, Margarita, Venezuela offers the same amenities
as its Caribbean neighbors: all-inclusive resorts, excellent white sand beaches,
water sports, natural parks, a golf course, but all at a fraction of the price.
Vacationers are benefiting from the economy's steep decline,
and often visitors can even find inexpensive scuba diving adventures

Playa El Agua tropical beach, Isla Margarita, Margarita Island, Venezuela    
Playa El Agua                                                Laguna La Restinga

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Isla Margarita, Venezuela

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Now is the time to enjoy your vacation on our
peaceful and friendly Island.

Prices have never been lower to enjoy your holiday
on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Important note for flights to Margarita from Caracas:
Do not buy national airline tickets (Caracas - Margarita for example) from on-line vendors like Expedia, etc. .
You will pay much more than you can arrange
for them through a local travel agency.
We recommend our friends at Magic Tours here in
Playa El Agua who can arrange them for you.
See their information here:

Forget "all inclusive" and enjoy the huge variety of 
restaurants and bars that Isla Margarita has to offer 
at prices far below other Caribbean islands. 
Think in terms of less than US$0.70 for a beer at the beach 
or a beautiful fresh fish meal for under US$10. 
Compare that to prices of $20 - $30 for the same meal 
on other islands or $3 or $4 for a beer. 
Have a look at our FAQ page for more details.

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