Answers to Questions about Isla Margarita, Venezuela

How far is Playa El Agua / Playa Parguito from the Airport?

It's about a 40 minute drive by taxi and costs about US$10,
depending on the exchange you get.
You can see a complete list of prices here:

What is the current Venezuelan exchange rate?

The current official exchange rate (DICOM / Simadi) in Venezuela is
 Approx. BsS.5.200 to US$1 (cash, TCs, credit cards). (April 23, 2019).

This is an official exchange control rate that will apply to any credit card or ATM transactions
or when you exchange cash or traveler's checks at a bank or exchange house.

There was a scam going on at the Caracas airport where individuals will approach you and demand that you change all US$ into the local currency the Bolivar.
This is NOT a law in Venezuela.
Only change your money a little at a time as you can NOT change it back into US$.

For information on the Venezuela currency money conversion
to the new Bolivar Fuerte which started on January 1, 2008 visit here.
Three zeroes were eliminated from the Bolivar on that date.

What are things like on Margarita Island?

Isla Margarita is peaceful and calm and always has been.
The Margariteños love foreign tourists from all parts of the world and are very helpful and friendly.
The news reports of any political demonstrations are from mainland Venezuela (mainly Caracas) and do not affect Margarita Island.
The Caracas airport is far removed from downtown Caracas and travelers through there will experience no problems.

Where can we find smaller independent hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, houses and apartments.

Margarita Island's most popular beach areas are Playa El Agua & Playa Parguito. has lots of smaller independent places
to stay in these beach areas on our accommodations page. You can even find apartments in Porlamar & Pampatar.

How do I get to Margarita Island?

Important note for flights to Margarita from Caracas:
Do not buy national airline tickets from on-line vendors like Expedia, etc. (Caracas - Margarita for example).
You will pay up to 10x more than you can arrange for them through a local travel agency.
We recommend our friends at Magic Tours here in Playa El Agua who can arrange them for you.
See their information here:

Depending on where you live the easiest way is to find out if there are any direct charter flights and then book "AIR ONLY".
For example there are direct flights from Amsterdam, Germany, London, Toronto, Montreal and from some US cities in the winter however these flights change frequently.
Check the travel ads in your local paper and see if anyone is advertising Margarita Island as a destination. If they are, there is bound to be a charter flight. 

The alternative is to book a regular flight to Caracas and then from there to Isla Margarita (Porlamar) on any of the many daily 35 minute shuttle flights. For international flights check out a site like Orbitz.

For flights inside Venezuela check out:

Laser - (58) 212-2020100 -
 Aeropostal - (58) 212-952-9566, (58) 800-284-6637 -
 Conviasa - (58) 212-507-8820 - or
 Aserca - (58) 800-648-8356 -
 Avior (58) 281-287-2080  Miami - (1) 305-470-2203

Venezolana (58) 501-836-396-5262

Avior Airlines now has 2 flights from Miami:
To Barcelona (Puerto La Cruz) on the Venezuela mainland
with same day connections to Margarita Island both ways.

Website is in Spanish however you can also call them at (Ven 58) 281-500-3646

or call them direct in Miami at 305-470-2203

Rules for the Caracas Airport.

The average daily wage in Venezuela is about Bs.270 and US$5 is worth about Bs.850.
This should give you some sort of guideline for paying baggage porters that swarm to assist you at the airport.

If you are coming direct to Isla Margarita then you will have to go from the International Terminal where you arrive from outside Venezuela to the National Terminal to catch flights within the country. It is within walking distance. Simply exit the International terminal and turn left. It's about a 10 minute walk. If you have a lot of luggage than get a porter but keep the first information in mind. There is a free shuttle bus however we have heard that it's schedule is erratic probably because the porters are paying him to disappear.

If any other travelers have any info we could add just e-mail the webmaster.

How do I find out about the Ferry ( Conferry ) from Puerto La Cruz?

They have web site at . Unfortunately it is only in Spanish & not working much of the time however you should be able to figure out times (horarios) and costs (tarifas). They still haven't got their on-line reservation system up however if you go to "Telexpress" you can reserve by phone.
Venezuela's country code is 58. Here are their phone numbers, Caracas - 212-781-9711, Puerto La Cruz - 281-267-7847, Porlamar - 295-261-6780, Punta de Piedras (Margarita) - 295-239-8340, TeleExpress - 0800-337-7900.

You can find out more detail in English about the  Margarita Island ferry by clicking here.

If we have to stay overnight in Caracas where should we go?

Below is a list of 5 hotels near (5-15 minutes) the Caracas airport. As we have not stayed in any of them we can not recommend one over the other. When you are at the International terminal go to the taxi counter and buy a ticket to the location you want to go to. Do not be influenced by all the pirate taxis. Most of the hotels have a pick-up service or use a taxi that they have confidence in. Just ask them if you make a reservation.
If anyone can recommend any others or has had a good or bad experience at one of the listed ones please e-mail us. To see recent comments about these hotels please click here.


Hotel La Parada (see comments)
Av. Principal de la Atlántida,
Catia la Mar
Price: Contact hotel

Round trip pick-up - ?

Phone: 212-351-2148
FAX: 212-352-7486

Hotel IL Prezzano
Av. Principal de Playa Grande,
Catia la Mar.
Phone: 212-351-2626
FAX: 212-351-3144
Airport transfer can be arranged by hotel

Hotel Olé Caribe (see comments)
5 star - English spoken
Phone: 0212-331-1133 (ext. 1010) Arelys Rivas

Best Western Puerto Viejo
Av. Principal de Puerto Viejo,
Catia la Mar.
Five star (?) (see comments)
Phone: 212-352-4044
FAX: 212-352-1311

Hotel Tanausu  (see comments) NOT RECOMMENDED!
Final Av. de La Atlántida,
Catia La Mar
Phone / FAX : 212-312-6518

What's the weather like?

The daytime temperatures at Playa El Agua / Playa Parguito range from  26ºC (78ºF) in January to 31ºC (88ºF) in September. Nighttime temperatures are about 4 to 5 degrees cooler. To see a current satellite picture of what the weather is doing go to: .
Look just north of the Venezuelan coast and you will see our island.

When is winter on Margarita Island?

We are located 11ºN of the equator so we are in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter would be the same as New York or Amsterdam.

Are casual clothes accepted everywhere?


What is the electric current in Venezuela?

We are the same here as North America - 110 volts. If you are coming with appliances from countries that use 220 volts you will need a converter.

What do things cost?

Most things on Margarita Island are reasonably priced because we are part of the larger country of Venezuela, unlike the other islands of the Caribbean. Margarita is also a "DUTY FREE ZONE" so some things with traditionally high taxes are very low priced. As an example a case of 36 Polar beers in returnable bottles costs US$2.35 and a 750 ml. bottle of Cacique rum costs $2.80. Together with a 2 liter bottle of Coke at under US$0.40 and a large bag of ice for $0.45 you could have a quite a party for $20. Other things like Edam or Gouda cheese from Holland is about $3.00 a kilo ($1.50 lb.) while ham is about also about $2.40 per kilo. A main course of fresh fish at one of the beach restaurants is around $10 per person while meat, chicken & pasta tends to be a less. There is also take-out of pizza, chicken, hamburgers, etc. Gasoline - 95 octane unleaded - US$0.006 per litre or US$0.024 per US gallon - virtually free.

What about Rental Cars?

Have a look at Margarita Island rental car information and links here.

We also have information on Margarita Island Driving Tips.

What can we do at night?

Around Playa El Agua there are a number of the beach restaurant / bars that have music & dancing at night. If you want to venture out to Porlamar, which is about a 30 minute drive, you can find CASINOS, DISCOS, MOVIE THEATRES and many additional RESTAURANTS & CLUBS.

What about golf?

Isla Margarita Golf Course is located about 10 minutes by car from Playa El Agua / Playa Parguito at the Hesperia Isla Margarita Hotel. Green fees are US$40 to $80 (depends on time of day & season) per round with such things as golf carts, clubs and range balls available at an extra cost. It is open to the public and no advance tee times are required.
Visit our Margarita Island Golf Club information page.

What else is there to do?

There is a super new water park near Playa Parguito / Playa El Agua called Parque El Agua full of toboggan rides and other water related activities. Cost ranges under $10 per day with small children at half price.
Diverland is located just outside Porlamar and has various rides including a Ferris wheel and roller coaster. They also have dolphins and seals.
There are also numerous tours available to Los Roques National Marine Park, Canaima (Angel Falls), Los Frailes (Islands off the north shore of the Island), jungle tours, round the island tours and many others.
You can also spend the day with scuba diving, PADI dive courses or snorkeling, horseback riding, deep sea fishing,
Bareboat Sailing, sailboat rentals, sailing courses, flotillas, wind surfing, catamaran drinking tours, hiking, bird watching, etc., etc. 

How can I access my e-mails and Internet?

There are Internet Cafes everywhere on the Island these days. 
The connection fee runs around US$1.00 per half hour or less. Most have printers available at an extra cost.

What is the Venezuelan Exit Tax?

Our last available information (February, 2014) was that leaving Venezuela from Caracas cost
around Bs.483.
All international carriers are obliged to now include this in the price of your ticket.

International departures from Margarita are about Bs.483

National flights from Maquetia Airport (Caracas) & Margarita have an airport tax of Bs.102.

There is NO entry tax into Venezuela. A recent scam at the Caracas airport tried to get $30 per person from newly arrived foreigners INTO Venezuela. If approached just say no!!

Thinking of moving to Isla Margarita? 

We have created a FAQ page with answers to many of your questions about living, retiring and working on Isla Margarita.

If you are also looking for accommodations while on
Isla Margarita please visit our recommended locations.



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