Common misspellings: 
Venezuala, Venezula, Venezuella, Venesuela,
Venecuela, Venzuela, Venazuela

Venezuela is a very diversified country with high mountain ranges covered in snow and tropical beaches lined with palm trees, extensive plains and Amazon jungles, beautiful marine national parks and the world's highest waterfall. The 24 million people of Venezuela are equally diverse ranging from the Indians of the Amazon basin to the many mixed nationalities from all over the world. We have put together some information on the more popular tourist destinations you might want to visit while enjoying your holiday on Isla Margarita. 
Try not to misspell Venezuela if you are corresponding as many people mistakenly use Venezula, Venezuala, Venesuela, Venecuela, Venezuella, Venzuela or Venazuela.

Below is a list of some of the tourist areas of Venezuela. This is a list that we will be updating and adding to as time permits. 
We invite you to return here in the future to see what's been added.


Isla Margarita (Margarita Island)

One of the most popular places in all of Venezuela is Margarita Island (Isla Margarita). The rest of our web site is devoted to Margarita and has information on hotels, vacation houses, apartments,
Bed & Breakfast, scuba diving & snorkeling,
rental cars & jeeps, horseback riding,
 tours to Angel Falls & Los Roques
deep sea fishing  and much, much more...

Angel Falls / Canaima

The beautiful setting of Canaima National Park which includes Angel Falls is well worth a visit while you are in Venezuela. Day trips and overnighters are available from most tour offices in Venezuela. Contact Magic Tours & Travel for prices & tours to Angel Falls (Canaima).

Los Roques National Marine Park

400 small islands north of Caracas make up the Los Roques National Park where you can spend a day or longer marveling at the crystal clear water. If you love snorkeling this is a wonderful way to spend the day. For flights to & from Caracas & Margarita, accomodations, fishing, scuba & tours to Los Roques contact Magic Tours & Traval.
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Los Andes Mountains & Merida

From the city of Merida you can set out to trek and explore the Andes mountains of Venezuela. You can ride the cable car up Pico Bolivar, a mountain that rises more than 5000 mtrs. or 16,600 ft. or visit many of the small mountain villages. 
The views are spectacular.


Map of Venezuela

A full color topographic map of Venezuela 
showing principal cities, rivers, islands 
and other areas of interest.


 More coming as time permits...

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